A career with Ocean Images is an ideal opportunity to develop your photographic or video skills, travel, meet new friends and explore new cultures whilst enjoying life onboard a luxury cruise ship. We pay a generous commission and take great pride in the benefits and opportunities that we extend to our photographers and video operators.

All our staff need to demonstrate:

A high level of self motivation​ combined with strong attention to detail and  previous experience within sales and customer service.

The ability to live and work as part of a team whilst maintaining a smart appearance, free from visible tattoos and piercings and must be able to commit to an 8 month continuous contract.

In addition, our Photographers need to demonstrate:

A solid understanding of DSLR photographic technique and a basic knowledge of studio photography.

In addition, our Video Operators need to demonstrate:

Excellent Video shooting technique combined with an expert level of knowledge of Final Cut Pro and great time keeping skills.

What type of candidate are Ocean Images looking for?

The skills our staff need are varied, but they can be roughly divided into four main categories. The ideal candidate would possess an understanding and proven track record of all four, however ocean Images do consider applications from candidates with two or more f the required attribute met, as full training is given onboard. 

What are the four main categories?

1 - Photographic & Printing Skills

Candidates specialising in photography will need to shoot in a wide variety of different situations during a cruise. Essentially, the role is that of a social photographer taking photographs of the passengers wherever they are and whatever activities they are doing, both on and off the ship. 

This can mean one day you could be taking portraits of families in a studio situated onboard and the next you could find yourself standing in-front of the Norwegian Fjords photographing passengers.

All of our candidates should have a firm knowledge of photography, coupled with some experience in professional social photography. All of our ships are equipped with mini-lab machines and previous experience in using these is desirable, however on your first contract you will not be expected to print, as this will be completed by the more experienced team members.

2 - Video Skills

Candidates specialising in Video Operating will be solely responsible for the video product onboard their vessel and are therefore responsible for all of the filming, editing, gallery presentation and promotion. It is therefore essential that all candidates have experience with all aspects of video production, preferably from a professional capacity, although proven academic experience can be sufficient.

Ocean Images provides a first class system for the video personnel to be able to create excellent video products both in terms of creativity and quality. The onboard system includes DVD duplication and disc printing capabilities, as well as photo shop to enhance the product.

3 - Sales Skills

Sales skills are highly important as all staff will be spending part of their day in our photo galleries. Ocean Images provides a full range of photographic services and products to passengers when onboard and our staff are not only expected to present and sell all of the products on offer but also to have the sales competence to promote all of our services to our passengers. Experience in sales would be an ideal attribute for this position.

4 - Interpersonal Skills

Perhaps the most important attribute of all for candidates is the ability to interact with people. On a professional level our staff must be able to communicate with a diverse range of passengers from all over the world. Whilst knowledge of different languages is beneficial, the important quality we are looking for is a person who can maintain a five star service level when dealing with a very demanding and expectant clientele, therefore experience in some aspects of public relations would be an advantage.

When joining a cruise ship the successful candidate will become part of an operation that can vary in size from 2 to 7 photo staff. A great deal of time is spent working with colleagues, you will not only be working very closely with your team members, but you will also be living with them.

Essential to working on ships is a pleasant, polite, tolerant and understanding personality and proven team skills are of importance in candidate selection.

In conclusion, Ocean Images are looking for staff that will be able to make photography and video an enjoyable addition to the guests cruise experience. As mentioned previously, we do not expect all applicants to be familiar with every part of the work to be considered for a position onboard.

For more information regarding life onboard a cruise ship or ferry, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page using the below button.

If you feel you have the right attributes and experience to work with Ocean Images and would like to apply for a job to work onboard a cruise ship or ferry, please use the below button.

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