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Please see below our most frequently asked questions and their respective answers:

Q- How long are Ocean Images' contracts?

Contracts onboard cruise ships are 8 months long and ferry contracts are 4 months long.

Q- Are there any days off whilst onboard?

No, all contracts are continuous and you will be working everyday, however working hours can vary on the cruise ships and you will receive time off at various stages of the day.

Q- What camera equipment will I need to supply?

A lens, flashgun and camera body must be provided by our staff members.

Q- Do I have to organise and pay for my own flights?

No, Ocean Images will organise and pay for your flights both to and from the vessel, on completion of your full contract.

Q- What happens at the end of each cruise or ferry trip?

You will stay onboard after the end of each cruise or ferry trip ready for the embarkation of new passengers.

Q- How do I get paid?

You will either be paid in cash at the end of each cruise trip, or you will be paid directly into your bank account.

Q- Is there internet onboard?

There is an internet facility onboard the majority of our vessels, however staff are also charged for this service, which may be high due to the ships satellite system. We recommend using internet cafe's in ports instead.

Q- Do I have to provide my own bedding and towels?

No, all bedding and towels are provided onboard.

Q- Are Laundry facilities available?

Yes, all of the vessels have laundry facilities you can use.

Q- What are the voltages onboard the vessels?

Most of the vessels use European sockets at 220 volts.

Q- If I need a U.S visa, how much will this cost?

The U.S visa costs £150GBP in the UK and will take anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks to get an appointment with the American Embassy for visa approval. The cost for non-UK staff may be higher and timings for approval may vary.

Q- Where can I complete my medical and how much will it cost?

If you are in the UK we will provide you with a list of approved medical practitioners to obtain an ENG/1 medical at the cost of £80GBP. If you live outside of the UK you will be given instructions to obtain a Bahamian seafarers medical, the cost of which varies.

Q- Will I need to supply uniforms?

Yes, for the majority of the cruise and ferry lines we work with, you will need to provide all of the uniforms, details of which would be provided upon successful application, however some lines may only require to to provide part of your uniforms, with the remainder supplied by them.

Q- How much will my uniforms cost?

This varies depending on the vessel you are working aboard, however a guide figure for purchasing these in the UK, is £200-300GBP. This is for all of the clothing and footwear required for when on duty.

Q- Is there a medical doctor onboard?

Yes, there is a medical department onboard every vessel.

Q- Am I insured during my contract?

Yes, you are covered by a basic emergency medical insurance whilst working onboard and travelling to and from the vessel for your contract. Further details are available upon successful application.

Q- Will I be directly employed by Ocean Images?

No, you would be contracted to work on behalf of Ocean Images and will therefore be self employed.

Q- Do I have to pay tax and national insurance?

You will be working as  self employed contractor  therefore you will be entirely responsible for any national insurance or tax payments due in your country, we advise you to seek advice on this subject from the appropriate authority in your country.

Q- How much luggage can I take?

Ocean Images will pay for 1 piece at 23 Kilos on each flight. Additional luggage will be at your own cost both to and from the vessel.

Q- What if I have a Criminal Record?

Ocean Images' policy requires you to have a clean criminal record in order to work on our behalf.

Q- When will know which vessel I will be joining?

We will let you know as soon as possible, we aim to give at-least 2 weeks notice.

Q- When would I receive my flight and travel details to join the vessel?

Your flights and travel information will be sent to you with at-least 3 days notice, although you will know the vessel and port prior to receiving this information.

If you feel you have the right attributes and experience to work with Ocean Images and would like to apply for a job to work onboard a cruise ship or ferry, please use the below button.

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